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Football hooliganism projected a dark shadow over English football in the 1980’s which led to English clubs being banned from Europe following the Heysel disaster. On the pitch, Everton and Liverpool dominated English football, winning the title eight times between them. It would have been nine had Michael Thomas not scored for Arsenal in the last minute of the 1988-89 season to deny Liverpool another title, in one of the most dramatic moment’s English football has ever seen. The late 80’s also saw dark horses Wimbledon and Coventry City win FA Cup’s (1987 and 1988).

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13 Dec 2018 Over a thirteen year period spanning the 1980s and 1990s, which player won ten Championship medals in three different countries, including two in England?
28 Nov 2018 Which two Englishmen played in Italy for AC Milan between 1984 and 1987?
21 Nov 2018 'Ok nanny mess' - An England player who was part of their 1982 World Cup squad. Identify the anagram.
29 Jul 2018 Name the only player in the 1980's to win a league title with two different clubs.
07 May 2018 Who were the only two players to play for England in the 1980s, 1990s & 2000s?
18 Apr 2018 Name the three men who managed Liverpool during the 1980s.
06 Apr 2018 Who was the only player to play for England in the 1970s, 1980s & 1990s?
03 Mar 2018 Who was the only player to play for England in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s?
25 Dec 2017 From 1980 to the start of the year 2000, eight players made their debut's for Everton whose surname begins with the letter 'C'. Name them.
03 Oct 2017 Between 1980 and 1989, six players finished a season as top goalscorer for Everton. Name them.
08 Jul 2017 Which "Paul" was named in the Republic of Ireland's squad for the 1988 European Championship?
25 Apr 2017 Who was an FA Cup winner in 1986, but an FA Cup runner up ten years later?
10 Nov 2016 Which two FA Cup winning players from 1985, later played for the team they defeated in the final?
09 Nov 2016 Which three managers won the FA Cup between 1984 and 1986?
14 Sep 2016 Which three players were selected in all of England's three World Cup squads between 1982 and 1990?
12 Sep 2016 Which four players from Liverpool's European Cup win of 1984, played in the Premier League later in their careers?
01 Feb 2016 Since 1980, nine clubs have broken the World transfer record. Name them.
26 Jan 2016 Which three players who scored at the 1986 World Cup have also managed in the Premier League?
14 Jul 2015 Which Soviet born player won the Ballon D'or in the 1980s?
01 Jul 2015 Everton were represented by four players in England's Euro 1988 squad. Name them.
01 Jul 2015 Name the five clubs Everton played before winning the 1984–85 European Cup Winners' Cup.
01 Jul 2015 Name the three Welsh internationals who played for Everton in the 1989 FA Cup final.
01 Jul 2015 Four members of England's 1986 World Cup squad have managed in the Premier League. Name them.
01 Jul 2015 Which two members of England's 1986 World Cup squad did not play in England at the time?
01 Jul 2015 Who scored the Netherland's two goals when they beat the Soviet Union in the 1988 European Championship Final?

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