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Football Teasers - 1990s Quiz Questions

Date Added Question
14 Feb 2019 Which Scottish manager won the League Cup twice in the 1990s?
08 Feb 2019 'Cup glacial iguana' - A 1994 World Cup runner up. Identify the anagram.
07 Feb 2019 Which four English managers won the League Cup in the 1990s?
29 Jan 2019 'Not rough cut deny' - A ground which hosted Premier League football in the 1990s. Identify the anagram.
24 Jan 2019 'Foul rated facial' - A 1994 World Cup winner. Identify the anagram.
22 Jan 2019 "Moral rabies" - A Champions League final goalscorer in the 1990s. Identify the player from the anagram.
21 Jan 2019 Which English manager won the League Cup twice in the 1990s?
30 Dec 2018 Ten England internationals scored FA Cup Final goals in the 1990's. Name them.
19 Dec 2018 Nine managers took charge of Newcastle United in the 1990s. Name them.
13 Dec 2018 Over a thirteen year period spanning the 1980s and 1990s, which player won ten Championship medals in three different countries, including two in England?
02 Dec 2018 Name the five non English goalkeepers to have won the FA Cup in the 1990s. Substitutes do not count.
27 Nov 2018 'Ace quiet jam' - A manager at the 1998 World Cup. Identify the anagram.
19 Nov 2018 Manchester City broke their transfer record twice in the 1990s. Name the two players they signed.
18 Nov 2018 Viral Kick Putter - A Champions League winner in the 1990s.
14 Nov 2018 In the 1990s, two players finished a season as top scorer in England's second tier who would later go on to play for England. Name them.
29 Oct 2018 Name the five uncapped English players to score in an FA Cup Final in the 1990s.
24 Oct 2018 Harry Redknapp brought me to England in the 1990's and I eventually played for two English clubs and I also played in Germany. I have managed in my native country, Russia and Turkey. Who am I?
21 Oct 2018 Which ten capped English players scored in an FA Cup Final in the 1990s?
03 Oct 2018 Which Frenchman broke the world transfer record when he was signed in 1992?
30 Aug 2018 In the 1990s, four players made their debut's for Everton whose surname begins with the letter 'D'. Name them.
12 Aug 2018 Name the three players who scored in two different FA Cup Finals in the 1990s.
30 Jul 2018 Name the six English players who were in Newcastle's starting line up for the 1998 FA Cup Final.
25 Jul 2018 Which five managers managed Arsenal in the 1990s?
24 Jul 2018 Which player played in seven FA Cup finals between 1991 and 2005?
03 Jul 2018 Which Brazilian broke the world transfer record when he was signed in 1998?

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