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The Champions League is UEFA’s number one football trophy. Established in 1955 as the European Cup, it was rebranded in 1992, as what is now known as the Champions League. Real Madrid have won the competition the most (11 times), last winning it in 2016, beating bitter rivals Atletico Madrid on penalties in Milan after a 1-1 draw.

Other famous names to have won the trophy include AC Milan, Bayern Munich and Barcelona. Five English clubs have won the competition – Aston Villa, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Nottingham Forest. Chelsea were the last club to win it, beating Bayern Munich on penalties in 2012.

The 2016-17 final is due to be played in Cardiff at the Millennium Stadium and then in 2018 at NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium in Kiev.

Date Added Question
12 Jan 2020 Which three Dutchmen played in the 2007 Champions League Final?
30 Dec 2019 Which ex Premier League player played in three consecutive Champions League finals in the 1990s, scoring in one of the finals, and also appeared in two FA Cup finals later in his career?
27 Dec 2019 Which British player played in the 1991 European Cup Final?
26 Dec 2019 In the first decade of this century, eight Spaniards played in a Champions League final but not for a Spanish team. Name them.
23 Dec 2019 Complete the following sequence of Champions League winning captains.... X, X, Carles Puyol, Paolo Maldini, X, X, Javier Zanetti.
10 Dec 2019 'In many cherub' - Champions League finalists in the 1990s. Identify the team from the anagram.
04 Dec 2019 Who is the only player to have played in the Premier League and scored in an Champions League El Clasico match?
27 Nov 2019 Which player was a Champions League final runner up in 1998 but a winner four years later?
26 Nov 2019 Which two cities in Scotland have each produced two Champions League / European Cup semi-finalists?
24 Nov 2019 Which two future Premier League managers played together up front, in the same team, in the 1992 European Cup Final?
17 Nov 2019 Which British player played in the 1986 European Cup Final?
28 Oct 2019 Which two future Chelsea managers played in the 1989 European Cup Final?
27 Oct 2019 Who was the first player to score for six clubs in the Champions League?
17 Oct 2019 In Arsenal's invincible season in 2003-2004, which three clubs knocked them out of the FA Cup, League Cup and Champions League?
25 Aug 2019 I played at the 2006 World Cup and made 42 appearances for my country. The first team I played for have won the European Cup / Champions League five times. The two other teams I have played for, play in a different country to the first club I played for, and have both won their respective league twice since 2011. Who am I?
23 Aug 2019 Five players in Valencia's 2001 Champions League Final squad played in England at some stage during their career's. Name them. Football Teasers 5 is now available on iOS and Android!
20 Aug 2019 Which three players opened the scoring in the 2005, 2006 & 2007 Champions League Finals?
19 Aug 2019 'Required gap' - A Champions League winner from 2009. Identify the player from the anagram.
15 Jul 2019 Which four players won the 2010 Champions League on the ground of a team they used to play for?
06 Jun 2019 Nine countries were represented by players in the starting lineups for the 2013 Champions League Final. Name them.
28 May 2019 Which future Liverpool player played in the 1998 Champions League Final?
24 May 2019 Which player who scored a winning goal in a European Cup Final in the 1990s has managed teams in Spain, Portugal & England?
08 May 2019 A striker scored a Premier League hat-trick for Portsmouth who has the same initials as a Champions League winning team and an ex Premier League manager. Identify the player, club, manager and initials.
27 Apr 2019 'Darn adverse win' - A Champions League winning goalkeeper. Identify the anagram.
21 Apr 2019 Name the eleven Manchester United players who started the 1999 Champions League Final.

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