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03 Nov 2019 Which English goalkeeper made his World Cup debut at the age of 39?
31 Mar 2019 In this year, an England World Cup winner resigned as a manager, a Liverpool legend left the club for the second time, and a future Manchester United central defender made his debut.Identify the year and three individuals.
03 Sep 2018 When Fred made his debut for Manchester United in 2018, he became the seventh Brazilian to have played for them. Name the previous six.
30 Aug 2018 In the 1990s, four players made their debut's for Everton whose surname begins with the letter 'D'. Name them.
17 May 2018 In the 1990s, three players made their debut's for Everton whose surname begins with the letter 'P'. Name them.
12 May 2018 Who made his World Cup debut at the age of 39 at the 2010 World Cup, becoming the oldest ever World Cup debutant?
26 Mar 2018 A Liverpool legend retired, a London team won the FA Cup, a Manchester United legend made his debut and a player moved across Stanley Park. Name the year, team and three players.
25 Dec 2017 From 1980 to the start of the year 2000, eight players made their debut's for Everton whose surname begins with the letter 'C'. Name them.
04 Jul 2017 Which three nations made their World Cup debuts at the Italia 90?
02 Jul 2017 When David Beckham made his full debut for England, who was the manager?
29 Mar 2017 Five foreign players have scored twenty or more goals in their Premier League debut season. Name them.
17 Jan 2017 I was born in 1963 and was a league winner on two occasions. I made my debut for England in 1983 and won my last cap in 1995. During my career, I played for four clubs. I was also part of two England World Cup squads. Who am I?
24 Nov 2016 Who won promotion to the Premier League via the Championship Play off Final in 2000 and then made his England debut later in the same year?
03 Oct 2016 I made my England debut in 1995 but I only went on to win three caps. I started my professional career in London before moving onto the Midlands and Merseyside. Having played in an FA Cup Final in the 1990s, I later finished my career abroad at the age of 30. Who am I?
08 Sep 2016 Which nation made their European Championship debut at Euro 2012?
03 Jun 2016 Six nations made their European Championship debuts at Euro 96. Name them.
21 Dec 2015 Which two times Premier League winner made his full international debut in 1996, by replacing his father as a substitute?
13 Aug 2015 Which player who made his Premier League debut in 1994, played in six League Cup finals for three different clubs?
08 Jul 2015 I started off at my home town club before moving to London. I have won two England caps and I was signed by a Premier League club in 2012 but have yet to make my Premier League debut for them. Who am I?
22 Jun 2015 Put the following players in order based on when they made their full debuts for England.... Ashley Cole, David Seaman, Teddy Sheringham, John Terry, Gareth Southgate & David Batty.

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