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Date Added Question
04 Jun 2019 Who was the oldest player in England's 1966 World Cup winning squad?
22 May 2019 Who was the only Middlesbrough player to be named in England's 2002 World Cup squad?
20 May 2019 In August 2006, Steve McClaren took charge of England for the first time against Greece. What was England's starting XI on the night?
04 May 2019 'Upset rat race' - Won over 50 caps for England. Identify the anagram.
26 Apr 2019 Only one English club side has ever hosted an England international at three different home grounds. Name the club and three grounds.
30 Mar 2019 Identify the following one cap wonders for England based on the year and the club they played for at the time.... Everton 2001, Liverpool 2012, Tottenham Hotspur 2004.
24 Mar 2019 Which English born player scored against England for Scotland in a Euro 2000 play-off in November 1999?
18 Mar 2019 'Lush so place' - Won over 50 caps for England. Identify the anagram.
11 Mar 2019 I am an ex England manager who has the same initials as an ex Premier League goalkeeper and a player who was signed by and played with David Moyes. Who are we and what are our initials?
10 Mar 2019 Who was the only member of England's 2014 World Cup squad who at the time didn't play in England?
16 Jan 2019 Which two members of England's Euro 96 squad did not play in the English Premier League at the time?
03 Dec 2018 Which outfield player has won the most caps for England but has never managed to score an international goal?
26 Oct 2018 Who was the first defender to captain England after Bobby Moore?
25 Oct 2018 Name the ten players named in England's 2014 World Cup squad who previously played for a Merseyside based team.
19 Oct 2018 Which player scored England's first goal at the "new" Wembley?
09 Oct 2018 'Torpedo egos' - A member of England's 1970 World Cup squad. Identify the player from the anagram.
22 Sep 2018 In December 2012, Leicester City played out a 2-2 with Barnsley in the Championship. On that day, three players played or were named as a sub who would later become part of England's 2018 World Cup squad. Name them.
30 Aug 2018 "Im eager, arch jar" - A member of England's 2010 World Cup squad. Identify the player from the anagram.
11 Jul 2018 Which player has scored the most hat-tricks for England?
07 Jul 2018 Name England's starting XI from their clash with Sweden at the 2002 World Cup.
01 Jul 2018 Name the youngest player in each of the following England World Cup Squads - 1990, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 & 2014.
27 Jun 2018 Which three players scored for England at the 2010 World Cup?
23 Jun 2018 Which six players in England's 2018 World Cup squad had won thirty or more caps before the tournament began?
20 Jun 2018 Which five players scored for England at the 2002 World Cup?
07 May 2018 Who were the only two players to play for England in the 1980s, 1990s & 2000s?

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