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Football Teasers - European Championships Quiz Questions

Date Added Question
02 Jun 2019 Which Premier League player was top goal scorer at the 2004 European Championships?
24 Mar 2019 Which English born player scored against England for Scotland in a Euro 2000 play-off in November 1999?
15 Mar 2019 Who is the only manager to have won the Champions League, World Cup and European Championships?
16 Jan 2019 Which two members of England's Euro 96 squad did not play in the English Premier League at the time?
15 Jan 2019 Which four Tottenham Hotspur based players were named in England's Euro 96 squad?
15 May 2018 Which German is the oldest outfield player to play in a European Championships?
20 Apr 2018 Name the twelve hosts cities for Euro 2020.
10 Apr 2018 Name the twelve cities to have hosted a European Championship final.
16 Mar 2018 Six members of Spain's Euro 2016 squad played in the Premier League at the time. Name them.
14 Mar 2018 In Euro 2016, three players called 'Chris' were named in the three squads of the home nations (England, Wales, Northern Ireland). Name them.
10 Mar 2018 Which three members of Italy's 2016 Euro 2016 squad played in England at the time?
20 Jan 2018 Name the managers who won the European Championships IN 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000 & 2004.
26 Dec 2017 In the whole of European Championship history, England have selected six players called "Paul" in their squads. Name them.
05 Nov 2017 Twelve European cities have hosted a European Championship Final. Name them.
18 Oct 2017 Which two members of Portugal's 2016 European Championship squad played their club football in the Premier League at the time?
13 Oct 2017 Identify the missing players from England's starting line up for their opening game against Russia, at the 2016 European Championships... Joe Hart, X, X, Chris Smalling, Danny Rose, X, Eric Dier, X, Adam Lallana, X, X.
27 Sep 2017 There are three former winners of the European Championships who no longer exist as countries. Name them.
19 Jul 2017 Which three Englishmen have scored in consecutive European Championship tournaments?
08 Jul 2017 Which "Paul" was named in the Republic of Ireland's squad for the 1988 European Championship?
01 Jul 2017 During Euro 2016, five players who were playing or who had previously played in the Premier League, scored three goals at the tournament. Name them.
29 May 2017 Four Manchester United players were part of England's 2004 European Championship squad. Name them.
08 May 2017 Name the fourteen teams involved in Euro 2016 who had an 'R' in their name.
02 Apr 2017 Which four Englishmen scored at Euro 2000?
23 Mar 2017 Name the five oldest players in England's Euro 2016 squad.
22 Mar 2017 Which three players who were named in Germany's Euro 2016 squad, played their club football in England, at the time?

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