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16 Apr 2017 Who was the first player to reach 100 yellow cards in the Premier League era?
21 Feb 2017 Which four nations made their FIFA World Cup Finals debuts at the 2002 World Cup?
11 Dec 2016 Who was the first non British/non Irish manager of an English top-flight club?
06 Mar 2016 Which player at the 2014 World Cup became the first player to captain his country at four different World Cups?
25 Feb 2016 Which World Cup was the first to feature names on the back of the player's shirts?
19 Dec 2015 Which country became the first to reach a World Cup semi final from outside Europe and the Americas?
18 Dec 2015 'Desired mates' - The first team to ever lose a European Cup Final. Identify the team from the anagram.
02 Dec 2015 Four Dutchmen played in the first ever Premier League season in 1992-1993. Name them.
23 Nov 2015 Who was the first non European player to score twenty or more goals in a Premier League season?
10 Oct 2015 Who was the first South American to play in an FA Cup Final this millennium?
02 Sep 2015 Who was the first Italian to win the Premier League?
01 Jul 2015 Who was the first player involved in a £20 million transfer involving an English team?
01 Jul 2015 There were 13 foreign players who were involved in the first ever weekend of the Premier League (1992-93). Name them.
01 Jul 2015 Six Englishmen scored over 15 goals in the first season of the Premier League. Name them.
01 Jul 2015 In the first season of the Premier League, who were the two non Englishmen to make it into the top 10 of goalscorers?
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