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02 Apr 2017 Which Scottish international played in the 2008 League Cup Final?
18 Nov 2016 Name the five Brazilians who played in the 2016 League Cup Final.
28 Oct 2016 Which three managers won the League Cup between 2007 and 2009?
01 Oct 2016 Since the turn of the century, which retired international with 120 caps to his name, was a League Cup final loser twice with two different clubs, stretching across a nine year period?
28 Oct 2015 Which two players played against each other in the 2006 League Cup Final but played together in the same team in the 2009 FA Cup Final? Subs do not count.
27 Oct 2015 Name the nine clubs who won the League Cup in the 1990s.
19 Oct 2015 In the 1990s who was the only club to win the League Cup on more than one occasion?
13 Aug 2015 Which player who made his Premier League debut in 1994, played in six League Cup finals for three different clubs?
01 Jul 2015 Who is the only player to have lost a Champions League Final, an FA Cup Final and a League Cup Final - all for different teams?
03 Jun 2015 Complete the sequence of League Cup winners from the 1980s... X, Norwich City, X, X, Luton Town & X.
17 Mar 2015 In Arsenal's invincible season in 2003-2004, which three clubs knocked them out of the FA Cup, League Cup and Champions League?
01 Mar 2015 Which non English manager led two London clubs to League Cup success in the 1990s?
01 Mar 2015 Who won the League Cup with Spurs in 2008 but was a runner up in 2006?
28 Feb 2015 Which two teams contested the League Cup Final in the year 2000?
21 Jan 2015 Which five clubs won the League Cup at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium?
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