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Date Added Question
26 Aug 2019 Which famous manager said the following... "I wouldn't say I was the best manager in the business. But I was in the top one."
08 Aug 2019 Who are the youngest and oldest managers to have managed in the Premier League?
26 Jul 2019 Who were the first team to be relegated from the Premier League? Which manager took them down?
24 May 2019 Which player who scored a winning goal in a European Cup Final in the 1990s has managed teams in Spain, Portugal & England?
18 May 2019 Which five clubs did Brian Clough manage?
08 May 2019 A striker scored a Premier League hat-trick for Portsmouth who has the same initials as a Champions League winning team and an ex Premier League manager. Identify the player, club, manager and initials.
06 May 2019 Before taking up the reins at QPR, Harry Redknapp had previously managed five clubs. Name them.
20 Apr 2019 Which European Cup winner from the 1980s has managed teams in five different countries including the team he won the European Cup with as a player?
13 Apr 2019 Bobby Robson managed seven club sides during his managerial career. Name them.
27 Mar 2019 Howard Kendall managed eight clubs during his managerial career. Name them.
15 Mar 2019 Who is the only manager to have won the Champions League, World Cup and European Championships?
07 Mar 2019 Which English club did the former Scotland manger Craig Brown manage?
06 Mar 2019 'Senile log' - An ex Premier League manager. Identify the anagram.
04 Mar 2019 Who was the last manager to win the Champions League / European Cup in consecutive seasons?
25 Feb 2019 Between 2000 and 2015, which two managers with the same first name won the League Cup in consecutive years?
23 Feb 2019 'Reject mean evil' - A manager at the 1998 World Cup. Identify the anagram.
18 Feb 2019 Nine men have played in and managed a League Championship winning team. Name them.
17 Feb 2019 Which manager managed Paul Gascoigne, Paul Ince, Kevin Campbell, Gary Speed & James Beattie during his managerial career?
15 Feb 2019 Name the five Englishmen to have managed Middlesbrough in the Premier League.
14 Feb 2019 Which Scottish manager won the League Cup twice in the 1990s?
13 Feb 2019 Who was the first Italian to manage in the Premier League?
07 Feb 2019 Which four English managers won the League Cup in the 1990s?
03 Feb 2019 Eight managers have won the UEFA Cup/Europa League and managed in the English Premier League. Name them.
21 Dec 2018 Name the first foreign manager to win the English League Cup.
17 Nov 2018 Who was the first man to win a league title as both a player and a manager?

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