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Date Added Question
04 Sep 2019 Who is the smallest member of UEFA in terms of population?
03 Sep 2019 In this year, a Leeds legend passed away, an American goalkeeper came to the Premier League as did a Dutch striker from north of the border. Also in this year, an English club ended a 26 year wait for a major trophy. Identify the year, the three individuals and the club.
27 Jul 2019 Which football clubs used to be known as Newton Heath, St Domingo's, Dial Square and Thames Ironworks FC?
03 Jul 2019 Which five Premier League based players were named in the FIFPro World XI team in 2008?
25 Jun 2019 Which 2006 World Cup winner was sent off in the Premier League on four seperate occasions in one season?
01 Jun 2019 In this year, a player who would be sold for a future World transfer record was born, a midfielder moved across the Pennines, and a Scottish international scored in the FA Cup Final. Name the three players and year.
12 May 2019 Which is the only team in England and Scotland whose name does not contain any of the letters from the word 'FOOTBALL'?
11 May 2019 Which two clubs did Brian Clough play for?
09 Apr 2019 Which three players released the following autobiographies... Stilness and speed, #2Sides and Goodfella?
08 Apr 2019 Which three players released the following autobiographies... How not to be a football millionaire, I'm not really here and Red?
31 Mar 2019 In this year, an England World Cup winner resigned as a manager, a Liverpool legend left the club for the second time, and a future Manchester United central defender made his debut.Identify the year and three individuals.
12 Jan 2019 Since the Premier League started, Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton & Aston Villa have all had a player play for them with the same surname. What is the surname?
05 Jan 2019 In this year, an English legend retired, an Englishman finished as Premier League top scorer and a Frenchmen received a five match ban for stamping. Name the three players and the year.
03 Jan 2019 Gareth Bale won the Football Writers' Footballer of the Year award in 2013. Who was the last Welshman to win the award before him?
10 Oct 2018 Name the eight cities which hosted matches at Euro 2000.
10 Aug 2018 Which English league team’s name contains no letters from the word ‘mackerel’?
27 Jul 2018 Which future English international scored the most goals in English football in the 2009-2010 season?
06 May 2018 Name the three British clubs that Fabrizio Ravanelli played for.
02 May 2018 Who is the only Scottish player to have ever been named as European Footballer of the Year?
07 Apr 2018 In this year, a Romanian joined Sheffield Wednesday, an English midfielder went back to London after two years away, a European Cup winning goalkeeper ended a 13 year association to move south and the longest serving manager in England at the time went "home". Name the year and four individuals in question.
05 Apr 2018 An England international came back to England, an England international moved abroad, a future England goalkeeper moved to Merseyside and an England striker moved north. Name the year and four players.
26 Mar 2018 A Liverpool legend retired, a London team won the FA Cup, a Manchester United legend made his debut and a player moved across Stanley Park. Name the year, team and three players.
22 Nov 2017 Which is the largest city in the United Kingdom to not have a football team?
14 Oct 2017 There are four clubs in the Football League whose name ends in "Rovers". Name them.
30 Sep 2017 Eight players who have played in the Premier League have played for England in three consecutive decades. Name them.

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