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Miscellaneous Questions

Date Added Question
22 Nov 2017 Which is the largest city in the United Kingdom to not have a football team?
14 Oct 2017 There are four clubs in the Football League whose name ends in "Rovers". Name them.
30 Sep 2017 Eight players who have played in the Premier League have played for England in three consecutive decades. Name them.
23 Sep 2017 There are four UEFA nations whose name begings with the letter 'L'. Name them.
22 Sep 2017 There are fifty five UEFA Nations. As of September 2017, seven of them are yet to provide a player to the Premier League. Name them.
21 Aug 2017 Name the 22 teams who played in the last ever old first division (1991-92) before the Premier League began.
12 Aug 2017 Which player who was on the losing team in the 2013 FA Cup Final, signed for the manager whose team had beaten him, later in the same year?
21 Jul 2017 Between 2005 and 2017, ten clubs have won the EFL Championship. Name them.
10 Jun 2017 In this year, Tottenham Hotspur sacked their Swiss manager, an English team won the Cup Winners' Cup and a Dutchman scored in the FA Cup Final. Name the year, manager, team and scorer.
09 May 2017 Who was the last English manager to win a league title in England?
04 May 2017 Who was the first manager from outside of Europe to win a league title in England?
07 Apr 2017 Which forward who played in the 2002 Scottish Cup Final had previously played in a World Cup semi final in 1990?
02 Apr 2017 Which player who started the 2005 Scottish Cup Final was an unused substitute in the 2007 Champions League Final?
08 Mar 2017 In this year, a 25 year old Welshman joined a European giant, a team in blue won the English league, a Brazilian winger scored his first goals for a team in the North East and a Portuguese team won the European Cup. Name the year, the four teams and the two players involved.
12 Feb 2017 Which two clubs playing in the 2016-2017 Championship have never played in the top flight of English football?
06 Nov 2016 Which player who played for two Premier League clubs across a three year period from 2008, was the top goalscorer in the Copa Libertadores in 2013?
22 Sep 2016 In this year, two foreign managers won their first ever trophies in England, a young Englishman won the PFA Young Player of the Year award and Manchester United signed a striker, breaking their transfer record. Name the year and the four individuals in question.
21 Sep 2016 Eleven non English players have won the PFA Young Player of the Year award. Name them.
06 Sep 2016 Which player who played in the 2011 Championship play off final had played in a Champions League semi final ten years previously?
02 Sep 2016 In this World Cup year, an Englishman finished top scorer in Division One, Chelsea signed an Irish international for £1.5 million and a manager returned "home" to the club he had managed to the league title in the 1980s. Name the year, the two players and the manager.
03 Aug 2016 Who was the first non European to win the PFA Players' Player of the year award?
02 Aug 2016 Which four Englishmen won the PFA Players' Player of the Year award in the 1990s?
01 Jul 2016 Player A played for team C between 1992 and 1995 and for team D between 1996 and 2000. Player B played for team C between 1997 and 2000. Player B played for team D in the year 2002. Teams C and D are Premier League teams. Players A and B are both retired internationals with 40 caps between them. Identify players A and B, and teams C and D.
29 Jun 2016 The following transfers all took place in the same year. DR (Arsenal to Leeds), CW (Marseille to Sheffield Wednesday), RH (Liverpool to Aston Villa) & BG (Sporting Lisbon to Ipswich Town). Identify the year and the four players from the initials.
10 May 2016 Name the five Englishmen who scored at Euro 2012.

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