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The Premier League was formed in 1992 following the decision of clubs in the First Division to break away from the Football League. The main aim was to take advantage of a new TV right deal from Sky.

Only six teams have won the Premier League – Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Blackburn Rovers and most incredibly, Leicester City, in 2015-2016, having started the season at 5000-1 with many bookmakers.

Alan Shearer leads the way when it comes to Premier League goals, having scored 260 for Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United before retiring in 2006. Thierry Henry is the highest scoring foreign player with 175 in two spells for Arsenal (1999-2007 and 2012). Ryan Giggs leads the way when it comes to appearances, making 632 before he hung up his boots. Giggs is also the most decorated player to have played in the Premier League, having won the title on thirteen separate occasions.

Date Added Question
16 Nov 2019 I played for two Premier League clubs. My surname is also the first name of a legend who won 92 international caps and also played for the same club as me but not at the same time. Who am I and who is the legend?
13 Nov 2019 Which Premier League winner from the 1990s was later relegated from the Premier League with two different clubs - in 1999 and 2004?
05 Nov 2019 Who was the first "Andy" to score a Premier League hat-trick?
24 Oct 2019 Name the two goalkeepers who have kept over 100 clean sheets in the Premier League - with them all being for just one club.
23 Oct 2019 Harry Kane became the fourth player to win the Premier League player of the month award for two consecutive months in March 2015. Name the previous three players to achieve this feat.
22 Oct 2019 Joe Hart became the 14th goalkeeper to keep 100 Premier League clean sheets. Name the previous 13 goalkeepers who also achieved this feat.
19 Oct 2019 Who was the first Belgian to win the Premier League?
18 Oct 2019 Who were the first team to be relegated from the Premier League in March?
16 Oct 2019 Two players, one from each team, have been sent off twice in Merseyside derbies since the Premier League began. Name them.
07 Oct 2019 Which four players who have played in the English Premier League were top goalscorers in the Dutch Eredivisie in the 1990s?
06 Oct 2019 Name the only player to have scored in the Premier League who has the word "EGG" in his name.
02 Oct 2019 In Premier League history, name the the first Englishman, Scotsman, Welshman, Frenchman and German to score in a Merseyside derby?
01 Oct 2019 Who was the first goalkeeper to keep 100 clean sheets in the Premier League?
20 Sep 2019 In the year 2000, which club were relegated from the Premier League after a stay of 14 years?
17 Sep 2019 'Tireless with team' - A striker who scored 15 goals in the first Premier League season. Identify the player from the anagram.
10 Sep 2019 Which team were sponsored by Imperial Chemical Industries in the first season of the Premier League?
09 Sep 2019 Eight stadiums have hosted Premier League football which have 'Road' in their name. Name them.
08 Sep 2019 Which players have scored the most Premier League goals for the following clubs... Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa, Everton, Leeds United & Manchester City?
06 Sep 2019 In the 1994-95 Premier League season, five Englishmen scored twenty or more Premier League goals. Name them.
24 Aug 2019 Which team were sponsored by NEC in the first season of the Premier League?
18 Aug 2019 Which team were sponsored by Fisons in the first season of the Premier League?
11 Aug 2019 In Premier League history, only three players have won the golden boot with two different clubs. Name them.
10 Aug 2019 In the 2004-2005 Premier League season, which teams did O2, Thomas Cook, Churchill & HSA sponsor?
08 Aug 2019 Who are the youngest and oldest managers to have managed in the Premier League?
30 Jul 2019 In September 2013, which Englishman became only the tenth player to make 500 Premier League apperances?

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