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The Premier League was formed in 1992 following the decision of clubs in the First Division to break away from the Football League. The main aim was to take advantage of a new TV right deal from Sky.

Only six teams have won the Premier League – Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Blackburn Rovers and most incredibly, Leicester City, in 2015-2016, having started the season at 5000-1 with many bookmakers.

Alan Shearer leads the way when it comes to Premier League goals, having scored 260 for Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United before retiring in 2006. Thierry Henry is the highest scoring foreign player with 175 in two spells for Arsenal (1999-2007 and 2012). Ryan Giggs leads the way when it comes to appearances, making 632 before he hung up his boots. Giggs is also the most decorated player to have played in the Premier League, having won the title on thirteen separate occasions.

Date Added Question
18 Apr 2019 Who was the first player to win the Premier League Player of the Month award with three different teams?
16 Apr 2019 Who was the first Welsh international to score a Premier League hat-trick?
12 Apr 2019 Only two clubs have ever successfully defended the Premier League title. Name them.
11 Apr 2019 Manchester United used three goalkeepers in 2008-2009, when they won their 11th Premier League title. Name them.
06 Apr 2019 Which three clubs finished in the Premier League top three in 1994-95?
02 Apr 2019 Four Paul's have won a Premier League winner's medal. Name them.
29 Mar 2019 Romelu Lukaku became the eleventh player to wear the number 10 shirt for Everton since squad numbers were introduced in the Premier League. Name the previous ten.
28 Mar 2019 Which former Premier League player is the only player to have been sent off in the Champions League for three different teams?
22 Mar 2019 Which Englishman became the first player to score for six different Premier League clubs?
21 Mar 2019 'If clean brains' - An ex Southampton defender. Identify the anagram.
19 Mar 2019 Angel Di Maria became the sixth player to wear the number 7 shirt for Manchester United in the Premier League since squad numbers were introduced. Name the previous five.
13 Mar 2019 Which two players who played for the same Premier League club had opposite forenames and surnames?
11 Mar 2019 I am an ex England manager who has the same initials as an ex Premier League goalkeeper and a player who was signed by and played with David Moyes. Who are we and what are our initials?
06 Mar 2019 'Senile log' - An ex Premier League manager. Identify the anagram.
03 Mar 2019 Eden Hazard became the tenth player with a Z in his name to score a Premier League hat-trick. Name the previous eight.
28 Feb 2019 Name the first German to score a Premier League hat-trick.
27 Feb 2019 Five United's have played in the Premier League. Name them.
19 Feb 2019 Which two 'City's did Marcus Bent play for?
15 Feb 2019 Name the five Englishmen to have managed Middlesbrough in the Premier League.
13 Feb 2019 Who was the first Italian to manage in the Premier League?
12 Feb 2019 Three players have won the Premier League golden boot with two different clubs. Name the players and clubs.
11 Feb 2019 Which five members of Real Madrid's 2002 Champions League Final team also played in the English Premier League during their careers?
03 Feb 2019 Eight managers have won the UEFA Cup/Europa League and managed in the English Premier League. Name them.
29 Jan 2019 'Not rough cut deny' - A ground which hosted Premier League football in the 1990s. Identify the anagram.
25 Jan 2019 Who was the first Italian player to score in the Premier League?

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