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Date Added Question
13 Sep 2019 Which was the first stadium to be designed and constructed to comply with the Taylor Report?
09 Sep 2019 Eight stadiums have hosted Premier League football which have 'Road' in their name. Name them.
17 Jul 2019 The Baseball Ground, The Old Show Ground, Sealand Road & Roker Park all used to be grounds. Which four teams once called these grounds "home"?
27 Jun 2019 Which teams play at the following grounds... Home Park, Prenton Park, Ashton Gate & Brisbane Road?
26 Apr 2019 Only one English club side has ever hosted an England international at three different home grounds. Name the club and three grounds.
16 Feb 2019 Which ground has the highest recorded attendance for a European Cup/Champions League final?
29 Jan 2019 'Not rough cut deny' - A ground which hosted Premier League football in the 1990s. Identify the anagram.
13 Jan 2019 'Male and owe' - An English football stadium built in 1910. Identify the anagram.
28 Sep 2018 Which British team’s ground is located in two different countries?
12 Jul 2018 Which is the smallest ground to have hosted a Premier League match?
16 Feb 2018 In the 2013-2014 Premier League season, which ground had the smallest capacity?
15 Mar 2017 Which clubs played in the following grounds which have now closed? Highfield Road, Christie Park, Elm Park & Plough Lane.
07 Feb 2017 Twelve stadiums have hosted Premier League football which have 'Park' in their name. Name them.
23 May 2016 As of May 2016, name the five smallest grounds to have hosted Premier League football?
01 Feb 2016 Seven stadiums have hosted Premier League football which were opened after the year 2000. Name them.
12 Nov 2015 Whilst Wembley was being redeveloped, England played matches at fourteen domestic grounds around the country. Name them.
31 Aug 2015 'Held let' - Closed in 2001. Identify the stadium from the anagram.
27 Aug 2015 There are nine grounds which have hosted Premier League football which no longer exist. Name them.
01 Aug 2015 Which eight grounds hosted matches at Euro 96?
01 Aug 2015 Name the five biggest league grounds in England whose club have never won the top tier of English football.
25 Jul 2015 The following anagrams are of home grounds of teams I played for during my career... Fine lad, Nauseate brain bog, Crafty headiest communist. Identify who I am along with the grounds I played at.
01 Jul 2015 Which teams played at these old grounds? Goldstone Ground, Bayview, Christie Park, Manor Ground, Elm Park & Old Showground.
01 Jul 2015 There are 10 grounds which have staged FA Cup finals. This does not include replays. Name them.
20 Jun 2015 Dean Court was the seventh stadium to host Premier League football with a capacity of under 20000. Name the previous six.
01 Jul 2014 Since 1990, five league grounds ending in 'Road' have ceased to exist. Name them.

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