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Date Added Question
01 Jun 2019 In this year, a player who would be sold for a future World transfer record was born, a midfielder moved across the Pennines, and a Scottish international scored in the FA Cup Final. Name the three players and year.
30 May 2019 Which goalkeeper was signed by a Premier League club in 2007 for a British record fee paid for a goalkeeper?
14 May 2019 Who was the first black footballer to command a £1million transfer fee?
15 Apr 2019 'Snobby or ran' - This player broke the British transfer record in the 1980s. Identify the anagram.
26 Mar 2019 Who are the only two non European players to have broken the British transfer record?
12 Mar 2019 'Pad tidal TV' - This player broke the British transfer record in the 1990s. Identify the angram.
05 Mar 2019 'Spank inbred gem' - This player broke the British transfer record in the 1990s. Identify the anagram.
05 Feb 2019 The following four transfers all happened in the same year. Identify the players and the year. Southampton to Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United to Blackburn Rovers, West Ham to Chelsea & Inter Milan to Manchester United.
19 Nov 2018 Manchester City broke their transfer record twice in the 1990s. Name the two players they signed.
11 Nov 2018 'Sign up goal ace' - A midfielder who broke the British transfer record. Identify the anagram.
03 Oct 2018 Which Frenchman broke the world transfer record when he was signed in 1992?
13 Aug 2018 In 2011, which former Real Madrid player signed for Stoke City on a free transfer?
23 Jul 2018 In 1988, who was the most expensive player in the World?
18 Jul 2018 All of the following transfers happened in the same transfer window. Identify the year, the players from their initials and the missing clubs.... MS (? to Spurs), AA (Real Madrid to ?), RH (? to Arsenal), JR (Liverpool to ?) and YK (Sunderland to ?)
03 Jul 2018 Which Brazilian broke the world transfer record when he was signed in 1998?
25 Apr 2018 England got a new manager, a Frenchman scored the winner in the FA Cup Final, a local boy came home and Chelsea splashed out on a player that broke their transfer record. Name the year, manager and three players.
12 Apr 2018 A title winner of 1998 retired, a homegrown talent moved abroad, a managerial legend passed away and Chelsea signed a striker smashing their transfer record. Name the three players, manager and year.
19 Mar 2018 All of the following transfers happened in the same season. KS (Leeds -> Leicester), CW (Ipswich -> Sunderland), SD (Aston Villa -> Liverpool), MV (Utrecht -> Swansea City) & NK (Blackburn Rovers -> Dnipro). Identify the year and the players involved from their initials.
02 Mar 2018 Identify the year of the following transfers and the players involved... Southampton -> Aston Villa, PSV Eindhoven -> Manchester United, Southampton -> Liverpool, Manchester United -> Everton & Charlton Athletic -> Rangers.
04 Jan 2018 As of January 2018, name the top nine most expensive defenders in the world.
12 Dec 2017 As of December 2017, which club in the Premier League has the longest standing transfer record? Also identify the player they signed, who he was signed from and the year he was signed.
11 Dec 2017 As of December 2017, identify the record signing for each of the following clubs.... Everton, Tottenham Hotspur, Burnley and Crystal Palace.
24 Nov 2017 I was born in 1981 and I was a striker by trade. During my career, I won eight caps for my country. I was relegated from the Premier League in 2005 but a year later I returned to the Premier League following a club record transfer. I later played for three London clubs before retiring. Who am I?
16 Oct 2017 Chelsea have broken their transfer record thirteen times since the Premier League began. Name the players purchased.
08 Sep 2017 The following transfers took place between Manchester City and Liverpool. Identify the player based on the value and the year. £49m (2015), free (2011), free (2006) and £1.5m (1996).

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