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22 Jun 2017 Jordan Pickford joined Everton for a club record fee of £30 million in June 2017, becoming the third most expensive goalkeeper in history. Name the other four keepers in the top five.
05 Apr 2017 Who on the 27th June 2014, became the most expensive teenager in world football, having been signed for £31 million?
05 Feb 2017 When John Stones signed for Manchester City in the summer of 2016, he became the third most expensive British player ever. Name the other five players who made up the top six at the time.
13 Nov 2016 The following transfers took place in 2014. Identify the players involved from their initials.... CC - Southampton to Arsenal, LJ - Middlesbrough to Burnley, MK - Liverpool to Crystal Palace, ER - Monaco to Newcastle United, LF - Norwich to QPR
26 Sep 2016 Who in 2015, which twenty three year old became the most expensive Asian player in football history?
02 Jul 2016 The following transfers all took place in the same season. SH (Arsenal to Everton), DD (Juventus to Chelsea), CB (Celtic to Derby County), PI (Liverpool to Middlesbrough) & OL (Liverpool to Tottenham Hotspur). Identify the season and the five players from their initials.
02 Feb 2016 The following transfers all took place in the same year. Identify the year and players involved from the initials..... DD (BR to BC), GJ (WH to C), IC (RM to BW), JL (BD to A), GC (C to A), GM (L to M) & HC (IM to C).
02 Sep 2015 The following transfers took place in the same transfer window. Fulham to Manchester United, Charlton Athletic to Chelsea, Sevilla to Arsenal, West Ham to Manchester City & Arsenal to Fulham. Identify the year and the players involved.
04 Jul 2015 Identify the players who were involved in the following transfers in 1996. Besiktas -> Man United, Bolton -> Celtic, Juventus -> Middlesbrough, Leeds United -> Coventry & Liverpool -> Man City.
01 Jul 2015 Who was the first player involved in a £20 million transfer involving an English team?
01 Jul 2015 Which five players broke the British transfer record in the 1980s?
01 Jul 2015 Which eight players broke the world transfer record (in pounds) in the 1990s?
01 Jul 2015 Which player with over 70 international caps has played in the Premier League for four clubs but has never cost a transfer fee?
01 Jul 2015 Which player was involved in the first £2 million transfer between two English clubs?
01 Jul 2015 Name the four players who broke the World transfer record in the following years... 1987, 1990, 1996 & 1998.
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