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30 May 2017 Which country has played in the most World Cup tournaments without having ever won the competition?
19 Apr 2017 Which three Liverpool based players were named in the Republic of Ireland's squad for the 1990 World Cup?
13 Mar 2017 Who was the highest scoring player at the 2002 World Cup who had previously played in the Premier League?
22 Feb 2017 Five nations beginning with the letter 'A' have competed at a FIFA World Cup. Name them.
21 Feb 2017 Which four nations made their FIFA World Cup Finals debuts at the 2002 World Cup?
15 Feb 2017 Four players in England's 2014 World Cup squad (not including players on the stand by list) had a surname beginning with the letter 'S'. Name them.
14 Feb 2017 Who was the only player in England's 2014 World Cup squad who didn't play for an English club at the time?
23 Dec 2016 Name the three players with the same first name who were in England's 1986 World Cup squad.
20 Oct 2016 Who was the only Liverpool player to be named in England's 1970 World Cup squad?
20 Oct 2016 Which three Manchester United players were named in England's squad for the 1970 World Cup?
19 Oct 2016 Hip hall pimp, Am loath truths, Parallelise and as & Oz of find - Identify the four World Cup winning captains from their anagrams.
23 Sep 2016 Which four players were younger than twenty one in England's 2006 World Cup squad?
20 Sep 2016 Which four players were older than thirty in England's 2006 World Cup squad?
14 Sep 2016 Which three players were selected in all of England's three World Cup squads between 1982 and 1990?
13 Sep 2016 Which player has made the most World Cup Finals appearances as a captain?
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