Football Teasers is now approaching the grand old age of ten having been formed in late 2010. Version 5 of our multi platform app (iOS and Android) was released in late 2019.

We truely belive that Football Teasers 5 is the most complete and comprehensive football quiz app on the market. Most football quiz apps ask pretty basic questions but we wanted to do better than that. Can you name the six Frenchmen to score in a particular final? How many Brazilians have played at your club? How many players whose surname begins with the letter 'A' have scored Premier League hat-tricks?

This is the theme for a lot of our questions. They are meant to be tough as if they're not what is the point?

What is new in Football Teasers 5?

Having had over 30,000 downloads across our previous four versions, Football Teasers has always been a popular app. But when designing Football Teasers 5, the hardest part was trying to work out how the app could be taken to the next level. A lot of our 200k Twitter followers wanted to test themselves against their family, friends and work colleagues. This is why the league feature was designed and built along with the weekly quiz feature. Every player of Football Teasers 5 is automatically entered into the Football Teasers league. The ability to create your own league or join an existing league is also available to you.

In addition to this we also introduced social login and weekly updated rankings. We also kept the good parts from Football Teasers 4 such as such as the ability to favourite questions, share questions and bookmark questions.

How do the weekly quizzes and leagues work?

By playing a quiz, you accumulate points by answering the questions. The quizzes are timed so you will need to be quick. Once finished your points are tallied up and you are positioned in the leagues you are a member of - just like in real life football. Once a season finishes, the top player will win the trophy for that particular league. You can keep track of which trophies you have won by visiting the trophy page in the app.

How long is a season?

Unlike real football, a Football Teasers season only lasts a calendar month. In that time there will be four or five quizzes which you can play.

Can I join a league?

Yes! As well as automatically joining the Football Teasers league, you can create your own league and invite friends, family or work colleagues to join or you can join one of our pre existing club leagues. There are leagues for all the top clubs such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and Manchester City.

Are there more questions apart from the weekly quizzes?

Yes! New questions are loaded onto the app every day. To see some sample questions, please go to sample questions page.

I don't like Liverpool and Manchester United. I like the FA Cup and the World Cup questions. How can I play specific categories of question but not others?

There is a category page listing all of the categories available. By drilling down into each category you will be able to play questions which are specific to that category. To see which categories are available go to our categories page.

Can I send my friend a question?

Yes, the app allows you to send a question you like to a friend via Email, SMS and WhatsApp. You can also share questions on Twitter and Facebook.

Ok, I like the sound of Football Teasers, where do I get it from?

Football Teasers is available to download for both iOS and Android.

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