Chris Chandler

Really decent app with at least one new question every day and a timed quiz every week on a Friday. They've also started doing a bonus quiz each week since the pandemic started, which is a nice touch.

Robert Williams

Quality app. Great way to pass lockdown!

Jonny Gage

Amazing! Helped me to move from iOS to Android. Working a treat! Thanks guys 👍👍

Rhys Ynyr Jones

Brilliant app! A must if you love football and anything football trivia related!

Kevin Dickson

Superb all. Great trivia questions. Highly recommended the download.

Marco Bagnoli

Genuinely keeps me entertained for hours. If you love football trivia, you won't find a better app than this.

Rib-eye Rob

Absolutely brilliant app. Some really challenging questions. Well worth the money. Hours and hours of entertainment. Would recommend to anyone thinking of buying it!


Superb app. Perfect for those long away days or nights in the pub! Great set of questions!

Gerard McVeigh

Loving the new category play! Exactly what i bought the app for!


Brilliant fun, gets me and the boys through long days at work and fantastic For long car journeys and perfect when having a few quiet beers in the local with the lads. Great value and good fun and loads of very hard questions. Perfect for a football fanatic.!

James Anderson

Fun to play with your friends or on your own killing time on the commute to work. A must have for all footy fans!


Only downloaded it today but it's very addictive. Lots of questions to get you thinking! Would definitely suit an older football fanatic down to the ground as I get quite stuck on some older questions!

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