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A massive collection of over 3000 brain challenging football teasers that is constantly growing. From Manchester United to Liverpool, to the FA Cup to the World Cup all of our teasers are from a variety of categories from across the football world.


Playing the weekly quizzes will accumulate points in the leagues you are subscribed too. How high can you get in your leagues?


In addition to the daily teasers, there is a weekly quiz. Your points gained here will count towards your position in the leagues you play in.


As you play each quiz, you will be ranked on how good you are against all players within the game. New rankings are available each Friday.


Play against your friends, family and work colleagues in the Football Teasers league or a custom league you have created yourself. There are also club leagues for all major English teams - Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur & Everton.


All teasers are categorised meaning you can play the teasers you want for your favourite club or topic.


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Regular Updates

Brand new teasers are uploaded onto the app daily.

What's New

The app homepage is customised to you. Here new teasers and quizzes will be posted. You will also be able to see your newest ranking on here every time it is calculated.

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